Crew & Band

Right then, how do you come up with an original idea for a music video? Hmmm…it seems to be a lot harder than you think! After throwing loads of crazy ideas around we came up with a rough outline of what we wanted. Unfortunately we just didn’t have the budget for the helicopter-airlifted-band-group-bungee-while playing-over a sea idea so had to drop it alas – ha! Darren Lewis was involved as our producer and together with Ross Gill as director and his fantastic team from Global Fire Productions, we set a plan in action.

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Mix It Up

It’s always exciting to hear the songs you’ve been working on for months mixed for the first time and come to life! Paul Burton at The Old Chapel Studios has done a sterling job.


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Inside / Outside

We had a brainstorm with our fantastic Artistic Director and good friend James Allwright, and came up with a concept for a photo shoot.    Taking ‘The Woodville’ idea literally, we decided to do an inside/outside theme and set up an ‘authentic as possible’ living room, outside in the woods.


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